Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sunflower Sausages Tutorial

My friend J saw my sunflower sausages and egg instant noodle picture on Facebook and asked if I could show her how to make the sunflower sausages for her daughter.  Of course I can!  These little sunflowers are perfect for bento boxes.  Sorry it took me so long to post this tutorial.  I hope Little NatNat will like it!

(From left to right, top to bottom)
1. Make evenly spaced incisions down the full length of a cocktail sausage.  Cut about 3/4 way through the width of the sausage.
2. Cut the sausage in half lengthwise.
3. The cut sausage should look like this when you're done.  This is used for the petals of the sunflower.
4. Cut another sausage horizontally into 0.5cm pieces.
5. Make incisions vertically and horizontally on the cut surface.
6. This is used for the centre part of the sunflower.
7. Heat a little bit of oil in a frying pan and sear each side of the sausages for about 30 seconds.
8. The sausage will curl up when fried to form a circle.  You may fasten the ends together with a toothpick to form a perfect circle.
9. Place the small round piece in the middle and it's done!

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